Game 7

We're still ahead of the Nats and Marlins, and look, Howard has the second highest batting average on the team!

Game 1: The Flip

Watch this awesome flip by Howard, I thought for sure this one was going to go over Hamels' head but it ended up being basically a perfect throw.

Opening Day!!

Here is a video of Ben Revere doing a back flip. Remember to enjoy watching the P's today!


In a piece published on, Jerome Williams talks about his gloves.

"Williams’ top choice is pink in recognition of his mother, but he’ll also be mixing it up with four different colors to put the spotlight on prostate, pancreatic, liver, and childhood cancers."

Our experts at BG have predicted in their prediction series "Jerome Williams will use 4 different colors of gloves..." as well as some other things.

Go blangraphs! Also, if anybody can mail us $20 we can buy and the busy internet traveler will no longer have to go the hassle of typing that wearisome blogger bit in the URL bar.

Blangraph's Bold Predictions

Welcome to a BG special where we will continue to tell you what will happen months in advance!
It's... The Blangraphs bold predictions show!

Le Bon Combat, or, Why Cliff Lee's Injury Doesn't Mean Anything

We asked our friend, huge baseball fan and sometime writer Albert Camus, to provide some commentary on The Good Phight's recent contention that "it doesn't really matter at this point" whether Cliff gets better from his latest injury, which "doesn't mean anything."

It is probably true that a man remains forever unknown to us by and that there is in him something irreducible that escapes us.
But practically I know men and recognize them by their behavior, by the totality of their deeds, by the consequences caused in life by their presence.
To know oneself, one should assert oneself.
I impose meaning on what I do. No one else can impose meaning for me.

Blangraphs FutureCast: Opening Day 2015

KANSAS CITY - April 6, 2015
Yordano Ventura is tired. The young ace has thrown 161 pitches, preserving a scoreless game into the 10th inning. Unfortunately, his opponent, Chris Sale of the White Sox, has not allowed a run either. With two out in the top of the 10th inning, before a raucous sea of blue-bedecked fans, Ventura's worst pitch of the night heads towards the plate, where Jose Abreu stands waiting.

One meatball coming up, extra mustard. Sounds disgusting, but to Ventura, the food metaphor is even worse with a side of Tater.

One swing of the bat and the shutout is off.

Ventura shakes his head and sweat pours down his face. He sees manager Ned Yost slowly ambling towards the mound and knows that the rest of the night will be spent watching helplessly, hoping that his incredible pitching performance is not wasted. Who could relieve him at a time like this? What pitcher could come in and salvage the rest of this game, making a crucial final out and giving the Royals a fighting chance to tie the game in the bottom of the 10th?

Wade Davis, of course. That was a weird question to ask, since Davis had been the Royals' go-to reliever all of 2014, helping get them to the World Series with his incredible 0.847 WHIP.

Davis easily retires Emilio Bonifacio to bring the game to the bottom of the 10th, the Royals down 0-1.

Now on to the bottom of the 10th.

 The mood in the stadium is tense as Omar Infante grounds out and Mike Moustakas is caught looking. Two quick outs and the Royals still need a run. Hope comes in the form of Lorenzo Cain's bloop single to left field. Due up next is Alex Gordon... or is it? Gordon is 0-5 in the game, with four strikeouts. A great player, and undoubtedly the best hitter on the team, he just can't seem to figure out Chris Sale's approach. Ned Yost makes a drastic decision- he removes Gordon from the game.

There is uproar in the stands, as the loud, angry fans who can't believe that the star of the offense could leave at a time like this greatly outnumber those who trust the coach's judgment.

 They're even more outraged when they see how is walking into the batter's box. Could it be? No. It makes no sense. Nobody thought that this guy was going to make the roster, and those who did thought he would be a mop up innings eater pitching in games that were far out of reach. With one man on base, the unlikely batter goes up against Chris Sale. It is the unlikeliest of matchups, a fringe roster member hitting against "The Condor." Some fans shift in their seats and wonder if they should try to beat the crowds who will soon make the slow, sad walk to their cars. And then the pitch comes.

Royals 2, White Sox 1 (F/10)

After the game, asked about how he added pinch hitting to his repertoire, Blanton said "We did a lot of BP in Zach [Duke]'s yard. Still haven't learned to keep my eye on the ball, though."

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