The New Strategy

The Phillies aren't doing so well. It's time for a new strategy. If we're going to lose, why not do it in spectacular fashion? I have no ideas for what we can do as far as scoring runs- so let's focus on the pitching.
Yesterday the Phillies used Papelbon and Giles, their two best relievers, in a game they trailed by 5 runs and had essentially no chance of winnings. This was "to get them work". My idea is to ensure that they get work in useful opportunities by letting them start games. Teams are more likely to score runs in the first inning than in the second inning, this is due to a team trotting out their best hitters 1,2,3,4. In games we send out pitchers such as O'Sullivan, we should give them a head start by erasing their best hitters before they get a chance to tee off on our starters. There is an excellent chart which shows when runs are most often scored.
If we can reduce the % of runs scored in the first by using either Papelbon or Giles, and save one for the 9th inning we can maybe expect to reduce total scoring by 10% or so. Possibly saving the O'Sullivans from being seen more than once can increase the likelihood of them being more effective, also they will be less tired and can pitch later into the game. This may reduce the % of runs scored in the middle innings. The only position in which we will suffer is in the 8th inning. At this point we will have lost Giles or Papelbon, so we may see an increase in runs scored here. With our crop of young relievers (Diekman, DeFratus, Araujo, etc.) I'd take my chances with this strategy. I would even consider starting the game with Giles, and bringing in Papelbon the next time the 1,2,3,4 hitters arrive, completely flipping the order of our pitching.
I don't endorse this idea when we have pitchers like Hamels out there, and obviously we couldn't pitch this way every night or else or relievers would get over worked. But as of now they aren't getting enough work and are receiving worthless opportunities. Let's get our pitchers in there while the game is guaranteed to still matter!  Who knows, we might just take a few of them with us.

Game 7

We're still ahead of the Nats and Marlins, and look, Howard has the second highest batting average on the team!

Game 1: The Flip

Watch this awesome flip by Howard, I thought for sure this one was going to go over Hamels' head but it ended up being basically a perfect throw.

Opening Day!!

Here is a video of Ben Revere doing a back flip. Remember to enjoy watching the P's today!


In a piece published on, Jerome Williams talks about his gloves.

"Williams’ top choice is pink in recognition of his mother, but he’ll also be mixing it up with four different colors to put the spotlight on prostate, pancreatic, liver, and childhood cancers."

Our experts at BG have predicted in their prediction series "Jerome Williams will use 4 different colors of gloves..." as well as some other things.

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Blangraph's Bold Predictions

Welcome to a BG special where we will continue to tell you what will happen months in advance!
It's... The Blangraphs bold predictions show!

Le Bon Combat, or, Why Cliff Lee's Injury Doesn't Mean Anything

We asked our friend, huge baseball fan and sometime writer Albert Camus, to provide some commentary on The Good Phight's recent contention that "it doesn't really matter at this point" whether Cliff gets better from his latest injury, which "doesn't mean anything."

It is probably true that a man remains forever unknown to us by and that there is in him something irreducible that escapes us.
But practically I know men and recognize them by their behavior, by the totality of their deeds, by the consequences caused in life by their presence.
To know oneself, one should assert oneself.
I impose meaning on what I do. No one else can impose meaning for me.

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