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Breaking News- BOGUS ALERT

The Phillies have reportedly signed on now ex-Astro Brian Bogus. The move was explain by Ruben Amaro as "totally legit, not at all bogus".
 With this move the Phillies hope to bring a spark to the team and perhaps pull a rabbit of the hat and win the World Series. We can only hope that Bogus can bring with him so of the magic which has captivated those who watched him in the past. In this hope we bring you a BG original Phillies 2015 Preview Pic®.

As of yet there is no news whether or not The Fightin's were able to land Whoopi.

Great News!

The Phillies made a big signing yesterday, giving a minor league deal to a player who is trying to show that he's still got it. We here at Blangraphs hope he passes the test!


The Phils lost today to the Reds 6-5 in nine. As hard as the season has been so far it's difficult for me to look at this team and say they are as bad as their record. I've read in many places arguments that would say they are the worst team in the NL East, but I've also watched the Mets. Frankly the Phillies don't seem as bad off as they're made to be on certain blogs and their web comments, or wobments. These people would argue that today's loss doesn't matter, just another example of the inadequacy of the fightin's. But here at Blangraphs we can't help but love the Phillies and be dismayed when they lose. So we ask what is this nonsense:

What part of the plate is Marlon Byrd being given? Which way is he supposed to slide? What is the home plate umpire looking at? UGHHHHHHHHHHH.


Joe-Bla Di, Joe-Bla Da, life goes on, bla
Bla bla bla bla life goes on!

Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for all the quality starts!


home, is where I want to be
but I guess that I'm already there
I come home
she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place

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